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Archive for September, 2008

Process modeling at two miles high

Before I arrived at Quito, Ecuador I thought it was a typo when I saw the elevation is 9300′ (2835 meters) above sea level. But shortly after I arrived the headache of altitude sickness began and it wasn’t so hard to believe.

It’s very exciting for me to be teaching BPMN here in Ecuador. This is my first experience working with a professional translator. I speak some Spanish, but not enough to conduct a process modeling class. Sometimes it’s hard enough to teach in my native English language, so translation to Spanish I left to a professional. Read more »

Process Modeling in South America

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve added any new posts.   I’ve been learning Spanish for the past month, cramming as much as I can, in preparation for my trip to Ecuador.  I will be conducting process modeling classes for this week and next in Quito, Ecuador.   I’ve had no prior experience with speaking Spanish, so this will be a real challenge.   The goal is to leave here in two weeks with enough experience to prepare for an all Spanish BPMN process modeling class.   The location for this class?  I don’t know yet.   Maybe Chile, Ecuador, Mexico City, Venezuela, or maybe even Madrid, Spain.   I do know that there is a big demand for process modeling knowledge in Spanish speaking countries.

Surprisingly I’m finding more and more that developing nations are more open to adopting the process development methodologies than what I see in the USA.   Maybe it’s because we’re so used to the old ways of business and it’s hard to change?   Anyway, I’m enjoying teaching people that are so eager to learn, even if they can’t understand a word I’m saying :-)