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Complexity is just a combination of simple things

Business Process Management (BPM):

How you manage complexity in a simple way

Archive for July, 2008

Intalio releases a new BPMN 1.1 modeler

The new release of the Intalio 5.2 process modeler includes the BPMN 1.1 notation. This modeling tool is a free download, and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Read more »

What does SOA mean for the process modeling world?

SOA is an acronym for Service Oriented Architecture. SOA is an approach to building software in a way that allows components to be reused across a large organization. So what does this have to do with process modeling?  Process modeling involves analyzing all the various participants of a process such as people, systems, and other processes. Often a process modeler will overlook the fact that systems are involved in a process.

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BPMN Book Released on Amazon

I am proud to announce the release of The Microguide to Process Modeling in BPMN on on July 16, 2008. Tom Debevoise and I have been working on this project since September, 2007. You might wonder why this book is so short for such a complex topic. We wanted to make the BPMN language accessible to everyone.

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First book completed. What’s next?

I’ve heard that most book projects never reach completion. After the first book is completed, most people either stop at one, or continue writing all their lives. As for myself, I’ve started working on book number 2. I expect a release date sometime around January 2009.

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